How to dry linen sheets?

How to dry linen sheets?

Linen is a fabric made from flax fibers. It can usually be found in white or light colors, and the more it's washed the softer it gets over time. Because of its natural strength, it also gives a lot of resistance to tearing or ripping even when it's been used for years.

Linen has natural wrinkles, of course. However, if you notice that the wrinkles in your linen sheets have gotten out of control, there may be a couple of reasons for that. The most common one is that the fibers have been too dry so they have contracted and made the shape of the sheet more noticeable.

However, because linen is naturally moist by itself, it needs to be dried naturally in the open air.

It is possible to dry linen sheets inside by using clothes drying rack next to an open window or with the use of electric fans that will improve the process by adding more circulation.

If you do dry your linen sheets indoors, however, make sure not to leave them near a heater or air conditioner which will cause the moisture of the linen to dry too quickly and leave it stiff. After you have finished drying your sheets, iron them with steam so that they retain their softness.

Tips on How to dry linen sheets?

-Use a small drying space

Linen sheets require good airflow to prevent moisture build-up. If you use a big drying space, then the sheets might smell unpleasant after some time. You can also end up with moldy linen if it is left out to dry for too long.

-Hang your sheets on clothes hangers

Hanging your linen sheet on clothes hangers will make the process of drying the linen go much faster. Clothes hangers allow for better airflow, which speeds up the drying process. Clothes hangers make it easy to separate the wet and dry linen as well.

-Use a clothes rack

Using a clothes rack allows you to stretch and straighten your linen sheets after washing them. This will ensure that they regain their natural shape. You can also place the clothes rack near a window so that it gets some direct sunlight during the day. The sun will help dry up excess moisture in your linen sheets.

-Use fans and air conditioning units

Air conditioning units are perfect for drying out wet linen sheets during summertime! If you do not have access to an air conditioning unit, then you can use a fan to improve air circulation in your drying area.

-Dry linen sheets indoors for 1 day before hanging them outside

It is best to dry out your linen sheets indoors for one day before hanging them outside. This will ensure that the excess moisture has been dried up from the fabric. Drying the linen quickly will help prevent mold build-up on the sheets.


As you can see, drying linen sheets is not as complicated as one may have thought. All you need to do is make sure that the area has enough air circulating through it, and your linen sheets will be dry within a few hours or days depending on how wet they were when you began.
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