Embedding the breath of nature in LINEN!

ATLINIA wants to convey the desire that every item we carry in our linen bedding, kitchen & table linens, linen cloth, bath linen and linen decor will encourage you to slow down, relax in comfort and feel refreshing linen in every way. We are proud to offer you gorgeous, natural comfortable and timeless essentials for every room and every season.


The Finest LINEN in the World

Linen is super comfortable, pleasant in all season, warm in winter and cool in summer. It gives optimal well-being throughout the day and night. It is the best choice for home. Normandy-FRANCE, with its rich soil and temperate maritime climate, offers the perfect alternation of sun and rain for flax of the best premium quality. Using 100% the most luxurious linen material grown in Normandy is to ensure top quality for your comfort.

  • Sustainable Is Our Way To Better Future

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, cFlax cultivation is ecological and does not require artificial irrigation for its growth. Out of respect for our raw materials, we always choose the most sustainable way. All the parts of flax can be used, meaning that all of our products are absolutely absent from harmful substances and chemicals. All this is an expression of ATLINIA VISION: To be a global innovator and leader of natural and eco-friendly Home Textiles Brand.

  • Crafted To Last

From fiber to fabrics, from fabrics to linens, this process is a story of passion and craftsmanship. We craft all items combining traditional and the most modern expertise technologies with high added value and special design to bring out its unique quality. It is goodness you can feel, in your own hands. Our linens are made with love and exquisite and luxurious package give you a more personal approach.

  • Design With U

We design with you and believe that every one of you are characterized. Natural fabrics that express their charm in an elegant style, classic models that evolve in processing, colors and patterns, creating personality. We have the largest linen fabric ranges, over ten thousands of items for your choice to decorate wonderful home.

  • No Middleman, Direct To You!

ATLINIA was built to deliver goods at a fair price using highest-quality, organic and healthy materials. By removing layers of unnecessary cost, vertical integration allows us to simplify our supply chain and deliver a better customer experience.



There is no better witness to our commitment to quality than the tittle of OEKO-TEX ®, European Flax and GOTS. From raw materials to the final linens in your hands, each of process is transparent and guaranteed.

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