Are Hemp Pillowcases Soft?

You may know that the linen fabrics are very soft to the touch. Well, the hemp textile is similar to linen. You can feel its coziness and coolness when you touch it, but no like as smooth as silk or as warm as cotton. All of our hemp pillowcases are prewashed for maximum softness and lower shrinkage, and the amazing thing is that, when you receive the hemp pillowcases the first time, you probably think it's a little bit hard, but it will get softer after every wash. However, are hemp pillowcases really good for your hair and skin?

I will say yes. On the one hand, hemp is an all-natural fabric, organic and toxin-free, for the reason that it doesn't require herbicides or insecticides during the growth. Another mysterious thing is that hemp can clean up the planet due to a process known as phytoremediation. Defined as "the use of living green plants for the removal, degradation and containment of contaminants in soil," phytoremediation is a living, natural way to help clean up the environment. So the hemp fabric is eco-friendly and skin-friendly, excellent to be a perfect choice for your skin. And one unique feature of hemp pillowcases is its antistatic property, which means that it's a great insulator to help reduce frizzy hair annoyance when you wake up even on a cold morning, offering you a good night's rest.

On the other hand, due to its hollow structure, hemp fibers are excellently breathable and also hypoallergenic. So hemp can wick moisture and get dry rapidly as linen does. Maybe you would doubt that hemp is antibacterial. Thinking about its hollow fibers, it enables the free flow of air. Therefore the anaerobic bacteria can not survive on the surfaces of hemp fabrics. Meanwhile, hemp can stop allergens and dust mites from disturbing your sleep. Plus, it's able to absorb up to 30 percent moisture so that it helps your skin and hair stay hydrated while you rest on it.
In terms of care tips, the luxurious pillowcase is machine washable on cool or warm water and line-dry in order to reduce shrink and wrinkle. Thus to a certain extent, owning a hemp pillowcase can reduce exposure to laundry detergent that can harm your skin. And there's no need to iron it since the wrinkle is part of its natural charm, by the way.

If you are looking for a chic and comfortable pillowcase for a better night's sleep, this hemp pillowcase could do the trick. While hemp isn't as common as other fabrics, like cotton and polyester, it is starting to steal the spotlight as one of the best fabrics available. We do not doubt that the hemp pillowcases can keep you cool in the summer and cozy in the winter, bringing you a nice experience for year-round comfort. For the purpose of keeping your hair and skin healthy, the hemp pillowcase is truly perfect for an item utility.

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