Are Linen Pillowcases Good For Your Hair And Skin?

People spend a third of time on sleep in their whole life, therefore sleep quality is very crucial. We all know that pillowcases are usually made of: Linen, Hemp, Cotton, Nylon, Satin, and Silk. Today we will talk about linen pillowcases. To begin with, let us recall other fabrics shortly.

Cotton: One of the most popular pillowcase materials is cotton. It is cool and absorbent, and easy to wash. But there are some downsides of cotton pillowcase, such as bunching up easily and leaving crease marks on your face after waking up.

Nylon: It is typically made to look like silk. It’s also easy to launder and dry fast, but nylon has poor absorbent and can cause your face sweat.

Satin: A more luxurious material, satin is smooth and kind to your skin and hair, carrying the anti-static properties, which can prevent wrinkles. Whereas it is not good as linen in allergy resistance.

Silk: It is elegant flax but is very delicate and must be washed by hand. Unlike other materials, silk is sold by weight and types, which become super expensive.

Even though there are so many materials for pillowcase, linen love boom will never fade off, and can stand the test of time for its numerous merits. Many people love its anti-bacterial and absorbent properties. The spotlights of this pure linen are more than that. Let me tell you why linen is one of best choices for our hair and skin. The advantages of linen are roughly listed below:

a) Environmental-Friendly: Linen is one of the oldest textile raw materials. Flax is growing in many countries of the world till now, but premium flax is primarily growing in Western European countries and Ukraine. Our linen products are made up of French linen, with high-quality and eco-friendly virtues, without spraying pesticides and herbicides or other chemicals during the process of cultivating and weaving. Hence it could decrease the damage to the soil during the planting, as well as protect the human’s physical health form the harmful substances.

b) Good Appearance and Practicabilty: This flax looks very elegant and finely elaboration, best present for birthday gifts. Apart from this, it is more durable than other fibers. Easy wash and simple care, which can relieve your household burden.

c) Comfy Touch for Your Skin: Linen is super soft and gets supple after every laundry. Our linen is pre-washed, bringing you a cozy feeling when you lying on them. What’s more, linen carries thermoregulation function, maintaining cool in summer and snug in winter. Sweet fiber for all the seasons!

d) Protect Your Frail Hair: Nowadays most people face hair problems, especially for girls who pursue beauty and dying their hair frequently. We may worry about: hair loss, dry, bifurcate and break. Don’t be afraid! Flax fibers can save a balance sebum secretion of the healthy epidermis. Also, linen is an excellent electrical insulator, helping you to keep away the static damage even in chilly winter. Nice choice for your lovely hair!

e) Natural Safeguard for Allergy-Prone People: Flax is naturally hypoallergenic and is immune to mold, mildew, fungus and dust mites, equals to hemp, which is superior to any other fabrics. Due to its hollow structure, it can readily wick away the moisture and remove the stains, always bring you a cool and clean circumstance. Practical gifts for your loved one and exquisite treatments for yourselves!

Linen is also Easy for Match: If you don’t adapt to the texture of linen, you could trail linen&cotton blend fabrics at first. It not only contains the durability of linen, but also sustains the smoothness of the cotton.

There is nothing happier than climbing into a bed with fresh sheets, great plumped pillows, and a soft comforter after a day’s hardwork! Hope our linen pillowcase will offer you a restful sleep!

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