What Color is Linen?

atural linen fabric possesses rich tints-- ivory, beige, sandy colors, all shades of brown and gray. Linen fabric is usually bleached and dyed to other beautiful colorways, but its original color - natural tones will never lose its glamour.What elements determine the color of linen, and how does it affect the quality of the fabric? The questions warrant some discussion.

First and foremost, the color of flax depends on the maturity of the plant. If flax is cut when unripe, the raw fabric acquires a green hue. Whilst the soil is full contained with nitrogen, the flax also emerges greenish. When flax is harvested in early ripeness, the canvas turns out to be golden yellow or greenish-yellow. This is the most perfect shade for linen, but sometimes the harvest could be sooner or later. Brown is gained from overripe plants.

In addition, the colorways of linen depend on the quality of the water which it is immersed in, and the degree of drying. If you soak the flax in frigid water, they could become azure.

The values of flax are also amazing! Linen is a variety of all-natural fabric with anti-bacterial and anti-allergy properties. For one thing, it can bypass mites, fungal and harmful microorganisms to protect people’s health. It is an ideal choice for allergy-prone people. For another, linen is highly breathable, and can wick off moisture and sweat to restrain mouldy, bringing you a cozy feeling.

Water can affect the linen texture, so we will provide some wash guides for your linen items.

a) Hand wash is a better option, but machine wash is permitted, using gentle cycle in cold or warm water.

b) Do not use chemical products, such as chlorine bleach, not even on white linen, and linen softener. If residue is left on your skin, it may cause subtle damage.

c) Laundry with similar colors, avoiding color mixture problem.

d) Air drying is recommended, if permitted, hanging them on a clothesline to reduce wrinkles. Low temperature tumble drying is also an efficient suggestion to help stay in good shape, against deformation.

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