Why is linen bedding so expensive?

You may probably notice that linen sheet set is much higher than other fabrics on the shopping-website, usually near twice of the cost than others. There are four reasons.

First, in the process of planting, flax is more selective, while cotton is grown worldwide. Linen is almost cultivated in Western Europe, where climate and soil conditions are optimal for it.

Additionally, dealing with linen is challenging. This fiber hides inside the flax stalks, so extracting is more an arduous and laborious process than picking cotton. Linen fiber is also inelastic, so it can break down readily during production as looms put a lot of tension on the yarns, so machines often have to run at lower speeds, which means decreases output and increases cost.

What’s more, linen is known as absorbing properties and regulating heats. It can keep warm in winter, and stay cool in summer, which brings you a high-quality sleep. You may feel like you are lying on the clouds! It can also wick off the moisture and sweat, even stains, maintaining your rest environment clean and cozy!

Last but not least, linen has amazing anti-bacterial and anti-static functions. Flax is a natural fiber without using any insecticide or pesticide, and can expel the harmful materials away from our bodies. We may face the electrostatic problem in cold weather, linen sheet sets can stop it.

Although linen sheets are a little expensive, it is also long-lasting, which is more cost-effective than other fabrics. Come and get this premium flax to treat yourself! It will not let you down!

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