How to Care for Linen Clothing?

In history, premium linen garments were only available to the social elites: clerics, cavaliers, monarchs and so on. Only a few people can wear linen clothes. However, in the 16th century, the cultivation of flax became extensive and linen fabric was contacted by more and more people. Today, we have sorts of luxuriant linen products ranging from bedding, bathroom, kitchen, and table linens to linen clothing.

People love to wear linen clothes, especially on hot days for they think flax is highly breathable. Actually, the advantages of linen clothing are more than that. Here list six points.

Highly Durable
Linen is one of the strongest natural fibers in the world, and is far more durable than cotton. This tough fiber will make the garment more durable. For this reason, linen clothing is very long-lasting. A premium cotton clothes may last you a few months, while linen could go way beyond that, even several years. What’s more, flax will become softer and kinder to the skin after every wash. You can rest assured that linen is also elastic.

This all-natural fiber lacks harmful chemicals, and that it can wick off moisture and sweat, thus keeping customers away from mites, fungal and bacterial infections. It’s very nice for allergy-prone people. Besides, its breathability will always keep you in cool and cozy.

Suitable for every season
Linen not only keeps your body cool in summer, but also maintains you warm in winter, Apart from this, linen is also an insulation fiber, so that it can protect you from static problems. Owing some linen garments and linen bedding is a good option.

Sustainable fashion
Linen is naturally one of the most ecologically friendly fabrics. On one aspect, it doesn’t require pesticides or herbicides for growth. On another, during the process of cultivation, linen plants need less water than cotton, which is more conducive to resource conservation. Our package is also biodegradable.
In conclusion, wearing linen clothing is a sustainable and beneficial choice!

Comfortable to wear
To sum up, you probably have known that linen is durable, breathable, anti-bacterial, anti-static, thermoregulating and environmentally-friendly. Additionally, linen garment is loose for most people’s body shape. As a result, wearing linen clothing is very comfortable.

How to care for our favorite linen clothing?
a) Machine wash with gentle cycle is permitted, wash in cold or lukewarm water (up to 30°C / 86°F)​【30°C】.
b) Hand wash is a better choice to degrade attrition and prolong the lifespan of the fabric.
c) Do not use chlorine bleach, not even on white linen clothes, by reason that chlorine-based bleach can damage your skin and eyes. If residue left on your skin, it may cause irritation and burning.
d) Laundry with the similar colors, avoiding color mixture problem.
e) Low temperature tumble drying is efficient suggestion to help stay in good shape, against to deformation.
f) Air drying is recommended, if permitted, hanging them on a clothesline to reduce wrinkles and have less ironing.
g) No need iron your linen clothes for wrinkle is the best characteristics. However, if you really want an item well-pressed, iron up to 110°C / 230°F​【110°C】 when the item is still damp.
h) Please reposit linen clothes in cool, dry, well-ventilated areas and away from direct sunlight, ideal to store in a vacuum bag. This will prolong the lifespan of your linen.

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