How to Care Your Favorite Linen Curtains?

Why do people love linen curtains?
People love linen curtains because of their all-natural fabrics, high breathability, and timeless flair. Linen texture is not completely opaque, but subtly sheer. Allow them to become your multi-functional drapery options for your inner.

How to get wrinkles out of linen curtains?
If your panels are wrinkled, hang them for a few days as most of the crinkles usually disappear naturally. If you need to press your curtain for it to become really crushed, remember to use a low heat setting and press on a soft board. Avoid using water or steam as there is a risk of water spotting.

How to iron linen curtains?
Actually, wrinkle is linen’s special charm, hence you don’t need to iron it, unless it has strong creases. Iron them while the fabrics are still damp. Use a medium-hot iron on the steam setting, Or iron up to 110°C / 230°F​【110°C】.

How to remove water stains from linen curtains?
First, soak your curtains in cold water, mixing together a commercial cleaner for about an hour.
Then, pour some distilled vinegar into a bucket or mix one part baking soda with two parts lemon juice and two parts water. Soak the linen in these mixtures for at least an hour.
After soaking, hand wash or machine wash in cold water is permitted. Next, it’s ideal to dry them on a line, utilizing the sunshine’s magic. Or you can tumble dry at a low temperature.

No matter how long these water stains stay, the care tips above are very effective. Hope you will love linen more and more, and take good care of your beloved!

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